Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Ma' new herr

6:49 AM


Thursday, January 06, 2005


wow.. casey sent me this pic ... look how LONG my hair was..

10:46 AM


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

December pics

My cookies!

the texas one is my fav.

Eric and Lauren's wedding:

Dinner at Tower of Americas with AJ :)

Tyler sleeping:


10:23 PM


October pics




that's jason by the way.. he's our new party friend

hahahahahahah kelz's morning after hair


started out amazed of how we looked with liz's blacklight

damn my hat is popular!

that's christine! work it!!

i love my roomie!!!!!!!!!!!


lets shower guys! haha.. that's in blanco hall, they have damn own showers

nose hairs!

where the hell did that guy come from? hahaha.. poor adam it's gonna be akward when i go to siminar class with him lol


here's us before we went out in kelz and i's dorm room!
we all got badass shirts... mine said "i ride short bus" :)

that's us at that party.. i had a little to drink, feelin good :)

diggin for gold eh liz?

liz and me on 'da square

oh man, i cannot say it enough, but we're totally hot :)


hahahahah.. that's the best. and i was just talking

10:07 PM


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